The Five Devines where created by The Phoenix when it split it's power.

The FiveEdit

Ar’tress - Light and Magic: Ar’tress was the first of The 5 Devine and the strongest of The 5. It created the Sun and The Stars to stop The Darkness if it were ever to return. It also created Magic

Breol - Earth: Breol was the second of The 5 Devine. Breol created the planets, or at least the rocks which later became the planets.

Le’re - Wind and Water: Le’rel the 3rd of The 5 Devine created wind and water so the rocks Breol created where more interesting.

Frea - Life and Nature: The 4th of The 5 Devine created plants and flowers to inhabit the worlds Breol and Le’rel had created.

Zrook - Corruption: The 5th and Final of The 5 Divine, the weakest of the 5 was jeaoulouse of the others and their power especially Ar’tress. (See: Story of Zrook)

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